QMSO – ISO 9001 Overview

ISO 9001:2008 Standard Overview for Top Management (4hrs)

Description: This overview course caters to organizations either considering ISO 9001 certification OR considering the development of a formal quality management system as a tool for improving their business.  This course will provide an overview of the time, resource needs and general expectations associated with transitioning to ISO 9001 compliance.

This course is the starting point for decision makers responsible for improving the health, control and predictability of a growing organization.  This “50,000 foot view” helps you understand the breathe of what you DON’T know in order to make an informed decision on whether ISO 9001 requirements are right for your organization.  CEUs = 0.4

Designed For: Quality Managers, Beginning Internal Auditors, Process Improvement Managers, Quality Directors, Continuous Improvement Managers, Organizational Development Directors, Healthcare Quality Professionals, Business Owners and other decision makers

Course Agenda

    • Introduction & Welcome
    • Gathering of Goals & Expectations (CSRs)
    • Expected Timeline for Compliance
    • Overview of ISO 9001 requirements
    • 8 Management Principles
    • Tips on Selling QMS to Top Management