Quality Professionals are invited to attend an open forum on expected changes to the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard. This forum is part of a series of updates from Charleston area subject-matter experts aimed at assisting organizations in their preparation of the upgrade to the new standard. The panel of experts will include veterans from various sectors such as automotive, aerospace, environmental and information security to discuss the potential impacts on various industry-specific standards (ISO/TS 16949, AS9100, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001). If you want to attend for ISO 9001:2015 - May Webinar register here.


In lean healthcare, it’s amazing how often standard work is missing. Observe the workers and note the variability of the processes. One shift does a task a certain way or an individual has developed their own technique; this variability in healthcare at times is seen as a badge of pride and honor. There are areas in healthcare where individuality can shine but in many areas, standard work should be imperative. One example of process variability that should have a healthcare facility concerned would ...


Ronii Bartles Concentric Concentric Congratulates Jim Thompson and the Compliance+ Team Compliance+ selected as part of CoHort 3 the Harbor Accelerator Program Charleston, SC, January 29, 2015 — Concentric announced today that one of its affiliate start-up companies, Compliance+, has been selected by the Harbor Entrepreneur Center as one of eight companies for its CoHort 3 business accelerator program. Jim Thompson, the owner of both Concentric and Compliance+ was quoted by saying “I’m so pumped for this incredible opportunity”. CoHort 3 has officially already begun and Compliance+ is already hard at work. As to why Jim and Concentric are ...


Charleston’s Talent Demand

In mid-2014, The Charleston Metro Chamber, along with several other local community and higher education organizations, commissioned and participated in a study to compare the higher education offerings in our region with the needs of our employers. National consultants from Avalanche Consulting, as well as the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) worked to identify the region’s higher education gaps. The results of the three phase analysis will help determine where potential gaps exist between the output of local educational institutions and the skills needed by employers, as well as, how to fill both the short- and long- ...


Its projected that starting late 2015 many organizations (thru the quality professional) face the prospect of installing a risk management process into their ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. There are several questions to be answered: [bulletlist] What is risk-based thinking? How extensive does it have to be? How much more work will this be? Could I do this quick enough? How do I get started? [/bulletlist] How extensive does it have to be? Risk-based thinking will be new for ISO 9001:2015. In the aerospace ...


ISO 14001: Morphing Towards Quality

The new ISO 14001 version is currently in a draft form and voyaging through the standard approval process. This Standard provides the criteria needed to establish an Environmental Management System (EMS). Reports are in conveying that the Standard will be rolled out in 2015, and there are many changes in store for the Standard, and for those that apply the criteria to their business processes. As observed in the 2004 version, we are seeing a general movement towards the elements in the ISO 9001 quality systems Standard. There are ...